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Our Philosophy

Our approach recognises the reality that every patient comes with their own unique set of problems, determined by how their symptoms are impacting on all aspects of their life. One patient with knee pain may be struggling to play football for their local team, whilst another may be unable to work and struggling with their loss of income. For each individual, our approach is to assess the nature of their injury and decide upon a treatment programme with the client designed to resolve the issues, including reducing pain and restoring normal functional activities.

Our treatment does centre around a “hands on” approach, the philosophy being if that something is stiff (joint tissues) or tight (muscles), they need to be moved or stretched. This may be supplemented by other modalities, including ultrasound (to accelerate tissue repair/regeneration) and acupuncture (for pain relief and the stimulation of tissue repair).

Additionally, part the assessment is to analyse the possible underlying causes of the symptoms, assessing strength, stability and control issues, so that we can establish a programme of corrective exercises to reduce the risk of recurrence.


Finally, we are here to reassure, in a medical world that is often littered with doom laden phrases such as “abnormal” spinal curves, “age related” arthritic changes or “degenerative tissue changes”, that these are all perfectly NORMAL in so far as they are common within the general (pain free) population and that whatever one’s symptoms, they can be improved and managed more effectively with the correct approach.

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